Fixed advertising

Fixed advertising

Planet IFE offers a very efficient communication platform to all advertisers.

Printed Advertising (sticker) on the bulkhead that divides the cabin and the service area, in front of the first row of the aircraft.


Print advertising (stickers) on safety belt buckles.

Fuselage Main door

Print advertising (stickers) on aircraft exterior.

Fuselage Exterior

Print advertising (stickers) on aircraft exterior.

Aircraft cockpit door

Print advertising (stickers) placed on outside of cockpit door.

Side panels

Print advertising (stickers) above aircraft windows.

Aircraft windows

Print advertising (transparent stickers) on inside of aircraft windows.

Table exteriors seats

Print advertising (stickers) on table exteriors.

Tray table bottoms

Fixed advertising on tray table bottoms. This platform offers excellent brand visibility throughout flight.

Table interiors Aisle

Print advertising (stickers) on Table interiors.

Bins Exteriors

Print advertising (stickers) on outside of bins.

Other Platforms